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GIF Title Date Available as:
Rocks Bota 2004 63KB JPEG 570x400 24bit
235KB JPEG 1200x842 24bit
496KB JPEG 2000x1404 24bit
Purple landscape Keshiki 2003 33KB JPEG 280x400 24bit
149KB JPEG 700x1000 24bit
460KB JPEG 1400x2000 24bit
Purple seascape Isolare 2003 22KB JPEG 280x400 24bit
128KB JPEG 700x1000 24bit
524KB JPEG 1400x2000 24bit
A mountain Parvat 2007 72KB JPEG 533x400 24bit
299KB JPEG 1200x900 24bit
640KB JPEG 2000x1501 24bit
Purple and green tori Enk 1998 3751KB MPEG 352x240 24bit
Blue and brown lumps Skarn 2000 56KB JPEG 600x337 24bit
182KB JPEG 1200x675 24bit
367KB JPEG 2000x1125 24bit
Dark green land, purple sea Rarken 2000 66KB JPEG 514x400 24bit
131KB JPEG 1200x933 24bit
273KB JPEG 2000x1555 24bit
Purple lake and mountains Trark 2003 29KB JPEG 280x400 24bit
147KB JPEG 700x1000 24bit
527KB JPEG 1400x2000 24bit
Sea cave Chen 1998 65KB JPEG 600x406 24bit
229KB JPEG 1200x812 24bit
468KB JPEG 2000x1353 24bit
Purple and green tori Enkanmen 1998 74KB JPEG 600x406 24bit
220KB JPEG 1200x812 24bit
422KB JPEG 2000x1353 24bit
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