GIF Title Date Available as:
Battersea Power Station Battersea Power Station from Vauxhall Bridge, London. 1994 46KB JPEG 505x400 24bit
51KB GIF 480x357 4bit
217KB JPEG 1200x950 24bit
498KB JPEG 2000x1584 24bit
The Lloyds Building The Lloyds Building, City of London. 1994 27KB JPEG 312x400 24bit
41KB GIF 377x480 4bit
141KB JPEG 781x1000 24bit
536KB JPEG 1562x2000 24bit
The SIS Building The SIS Building, Vauxhall, London. 1994 50KB JPEG 541x400 24bit
52KB GIF 500x376 4bit
173KB JPEG 1200x887 24bit
381KB JPEG 2000x1478 24bit
The SIS Building Side view of the SIS Building, Vauxhall, London. 1994 42KB JPEG 510x400 24bit
48KB GIF 500x374 4bit
217KB JPEG 1200x941 24bit
603KB JPEG 2000x1568 24bit
Clouds in a blue sky Virginia Water Sky 2007 50KB JPEG 533x400 24bit
172KB JPEG 1200x900 24bit
344KB JPEG 2000x1500 24bit
Clouds in a blue sky Brighton Seafront Statue 2007 42KB JPEG 533x400 24bit
193KB JPEG 1200x900 24bit
530KB JPEG 2000x1500 24bit
The Telecom Tower The Telecom Tower, London. 1994 21KB JPEG 310x400 24bit
40KB GIF 365x500 4bit
129KB JPEG 775x1000 24bit
493KB JPEG 1550x2000 24bit
The Natwest Tower The NatWest Tower, City of London. 1994 22KB JPEG 316x400 24bit
44KB GIF 370x500 4bit
140KB JPEG 791x1000 24bit
553KB JPEG 1582x2000 24bit

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