I am an experimental electronic composer, and the collective I am part of, Hybrid Productions, have been together for over fourteen years. I am also a bit of a DJ, and enjoying mixing stuff up that is not meant to go together. I am into experimental electronic music, Detroit techno, hip-hop, indian music, african music, south-east asian music, dub, industrial, funk and house. You can view my Favourite Tracks, Current Top 10, and Widgets.

My favourite groups and musicians include Carl Craig, Autechre, The Aphex Twin, Juan Atkins, Beaumont Hannant, Consolidated, The Black Dog, Meat Beat Manifesto, Derrick May, Plaid, Talvin Singh, Global Communication, FSOL, Wladimir M, Kenny Larkin, Underground Resistance, Bandulu, B12, Terrace, Björk, and Jega.

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Dave Allison

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